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Think in an entrepreneurial way and lead with impact.
Be a successful and authentic leader in a dynamic company.

As a manager you are juggling many topics and challenges. Keep the overview. Set your priorities and realistic goals. Broaden your personal leadership style. Set up your company for the future.

Increase motivation, impact, power.

We will accompany you in the process.
Approach & results

Stop for a moment – Distance from daily routine. Date with yourself.

Know yourself – Self-reflection. Clarity. Vision. Power.

Set the course – Focus. Goals. Options. Decisions.

Master difficult situations – With authenticity and composure.

Implement – Achieve goals. Set the framework. Lead with impact.

Offers & formats

An organization needs leaders who are confident in shaping the dynamic environment with responsibility and good self-knowledge.

We will support you in fulfilling your leadership role even more consciously. We work in German and English, on site and virtually.

Please get in touch with us, and we will discuss what fits best for you.

Persönliches Coaching Individual coaching

You have a subject that you would like to address. Possible topics could be:

> Authentic positioning as an executive or project lead
> Managing transitions, e.g. into a new position, back from expatriate assignments
> Realistically reconciling the various areas of your life
> Leading successfully through change processes and crises

As a neutral sparring partner, we will support you in simplifying complex matters, taking into account various perspectives, finding suitable options for action and implementing them with helpful strategies.

Innovative Organisationsberatung Innovative organizational consulting

You want to make your organization fit for the future and more crisis-resistant? Take the initiative and involve your customers, managers and employees in this process. Possible topics could be:

> Developing company-specific visions
> Discussing opportunities, concerns and mindsets and deriving suitable approaches
> Shaping leadership through dialogue and establishing "collegial advice"
> Selecting useful forms of collaboration and “failure culture"
> Supporting employees in their personal development

We will support you and your (executive) management team in reflecting on the current status, developing a target scenario, deriving a corresponding change architecture with an interactive “roadmap”, implementing and continuously refining it.

"Susanne's outstanding quality of asking the right questions at the right time immediately created a climate of trust and openness. This enabled us to work very well on our topic and to create a solid basis for the further business development already in the early phase of our start-up."

Dominic Lütjohann & Julian Lübke, Founder of Cubuslab, Labforward

"What I like about coaching are the 'aha' moments, when I can open up to completely new perspectives, with the support from outside. It takes me a lot further in my personal and professional development."

Dr. Jan Gajewski, Associate Director Production, Chemical Industry

“After my leadership coaching, I can recommend Dr. Susanne Scheer without any reservation. The solution-oriented approach led to practical results that I could implement immediately. The approach to the rather complex situation was sympathetically structured, focused and empathetic. With Susanne's help, I was able to identify my resources, precisely determine and utilize the potential for change, and evaluate the implementation. Through very good questions and attentive listening, she was able to open up new thought processes in me. Susanne provided me with helpful methods which I could easily apply in my day-to-day business. The change is noticeable and valuable for me, my colleagues and employees. After this leadership coaching, I will now book annual refreshers.”

U. Hesse, Architect, Member of the Executive Board
Think in an entrepreneurial way and lead with impact.
Think in an entrepreneurial way and lead with impact.