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About me
Create your path even more consciously. Benefit from my expertise, intuition and experience.

With a keen sense for people and situations, I love to take a variety of perspectives, work out the essentials and develop effective solutions. With mind, heart and intuition.

My favorites and focus topics:

> Confident positioning in your (leadership) role
> Career paths and potential development in industry & academia
> Self-leadership and personal development
> Realistic work-life-integration
> Team development with diverse teams

Languages: German & English

You've come to the right people, if...

> want to remain fit for the future.
> would like to grow your potential.
> appreciate a profound, respectful sparring partner.

- as a human being, team and organization!

20 years of professional experience in a unique combination:

Coach Profil Coach-Profile

"Susanne's outstanding quality of asking the right questions at the right time immediately created a climate of trust and openness. This enabled us to work very well on our topic and to create a solid basis for the further business development already in the early phase of our start-up."

Dominic Lütjohann & Julian Lübke, Founder of Cubuslab, Labforward

"Susanne helped me to gain self confidence and overcome barriers that allowed me to grow professionally. I am really thankful to her."

Nuria Aranda Bosch, Marketing & Communications Expert

"Susanne has a way of making team dynamic sessions comfortable and digging into specific important aspects that may be unmentioned otherwise. By the end of the session, everyone independently said that we were aligned."

Ryan Sylvia, Technology Lead & Idea Champion, Life Sciences Industry

"What I like about coaching are the 'aha' moments, when I can open up to completely new perspectives, with the support from outside. It takes me a lot further in my personal and professional development."

Dr. Jan Gajewski, Associate Director Production, Chemical Industry

"The time-out course has given me more calmness. I do not have a guilty conscience anymore if I take care of myself and if I don't get everything right."


"Thanks to Susanne's support, we were mentally well prepared for the next step in the innovation process - from the exploration phase to the pitch."

Almut von der Brelie, Global Marketing Manager, Chemical Industry

"We bring skilled individuals from around the world to jointly deliver a high-profile solution, in an intense environment with tight deadlines. Without the support of Susanne, this would have been very difficult to accomplish. In her previous capacity as a former colleague, she used her expertise and experience to recognize key issues regarding team dynamics and function before they happened. This was very helpful because we could be aware of and address those issues in order to save time and energy."

Fome Ewoterai, Associate Director & Senior Innovation Facilitator, DAX 50 Company

"The team dynamic sessions allow us to very quickly get on the same page and agree on aspects of our team work. I think every working team should use team development support."

Dasha N. Mosman, Diagnostic Solutions Account Manager, Life Sciences

"In exchange with Susanne, I notice again and again that no matter how self-reflective you are, you can still take a different view. She brings in her experience and her clever questions in a very unobtrusive way, it never feels like "well-intentioned advice" but triggers the own reflection and decision making."

Nina Schütz, Vice Governor 2020/21, Kiwanis Distrikt Germany e.V.

“Susanne supported me across multiple innovation and leadership teams. Her insights about team dynamics and industry experience helped to enhance collaboration and trust among team members.”

Slawa Troubniakov, Senior Strategy Implementation Manager, Healthcare Industry

“After my leadership coaching, I can recommend Dr. Susanne Scheer without any reservation. The solution-oriented approach led to practical results that I could implement immediately. The approach to the rather complex situation was sympathetically structured, focused and empathetic. With Susanne's help, I was able to identify my resources, precisely determine and utilize the potential for change, and evaluate the implementation. Through very good questions and attentive listening, she was able to open up new thought processes in me. Susanne provided me with helpful methods which I could easily apply in my day-to-day business. The change is noticeable and valuable for me, my colleagues and employees. After this leadership coaching, I will now book annual refreshers.”

U. Hesse, Architect, Member of the Executive Board
See clearly. Find your way. Be yourself.
See clearly. Find your way. Be yourself.