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Team. Diverse. Dynamic. Successful.
Innovation needs good collaboration and open-minded communication.

As a team you are dealing with challenges every day and would like to be even more effective? Work towards a common goal. Position yourself confidently in a dynamic environment. Bundle your capabilities for top performances. Develop suitable work methods. Remain viable and innovative as a company.

Increase creativity, motivation, impact.

We will accompany you in the process.
Approach & results

Stop for a moment – Distance from daily routine. Date with the team.

Know your team – Benefit from diversity. Bundle capabilities. Create vision.

Set the course – Clarify expectations. Take decisions. Form the team.

Master difficult situations – With confidence and resilience.

Implement – Be innovative. Enjoy delivering results.

Offers & formats

A creative and strong team is based on trust, open-mindedness and continuous exchange.

We will support you in shaping your teamwork even more consciously. The focus will be on the interdependency of results, processes and collaboration. Landkarte für Teams

We particularly enjoy working with interdisciplinary and international teams - in German and English, on site and virtually.

Please get in touch with us, and we will discuss what fits best for you.

Passgenaue Teamentwicklung Customized team development

You would like to position your team even more successfully? Possible topics could be:

> Starting confidently and clearly as a new or changed team
> Working and communicating effectively in all team phases
> Managing crises and complex challenges
> Positioning yourself strategically within the company

We will support you in adapting to your current team situation with customized measures that will help you to reflect on your collaboration.

Prozessbegleitende Beratung Process consulting

You are a Scrum Master, project manager or business partner and you are accompanying teams over a longer time period? You want to position yourself confidently in your role and navigate the teams through ups and downs to success? Possible topics could be:

> Recognizing typical team dynamics and dealing with them respectfully
> Reflecting on your role, expanding your range of possible actions
> Establishing supporting elements for powerful results and processes
> Designing and executing target-oriented workshops and meetings

We will accompany you individually or in small (internal) groups. The consultation takes place as an iterative process: prepare, try out, reflect, refine.

"Susanne has a way of making team dynamic sessions comfortable and digging into specific important aspects that may be unmentioned otherwise. By the end of the session, everyone independently said that we were aligned."

Ryan Sylvia, Technology Lead & Idea Champion, Life Sciences Industry

"Thanks to Susanne's support, we were mentally well prepared for the next step in the innovation process - from the exploration phase to the pitch."

Almut von der Brelie, Global Marketing Manager, Chemical Industry

"We bring skilled individuals from around the world to jointly deliver a high-profile solution, in an intense environment with tight deadlines. Without the support of Susanne, this would have been very difficult to accomplish. In her previous capacity as a former colleague, she used her expertise and experience to recognize key issues regarding team dynamics and function before they happened. This was very helpful because we could be aware of and address those issues in order to save time and energy."

Fome Ewoterai, Associate Director & Senior Innovation Facilitator, DAX 50 Company

"The team dynamic sessions allow us to very quickly get on the same page and agree on aspects of our team work. I think every working team should use team development support."

Dasha N. Mosman, Diagnostic Solutions Account Manager, Life Sciences

“Susanne supported me across multiple innovation and leadership teams. Her insights about team dynamics and industry experience helped to enhance collaboration and trust among team members.”

Slawa Troubniakov, Senior Strategy Implementation Manager, Healthcare Industry
Team. Diverse. Dynamic. Successful.
Team. Diverse. Dynamic. Successful.